If you are a regular customer of Walgreens company. In that case, you should participate in this survey to get feedback from your side and try your best to improve the business strategies and services.

If you participate in this survey, you will get a chance to win a prize of $ 3000 cash prize so you can be that winner in this Walgreen survey.

Winners Of Walgreens Listen Survey

Jan 2023Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashD. SilvaAlbanyOR
Dec 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashP. RobinsonCalimesaCA
Nov 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashD. JohnsonStansbury ParkUT
Oct 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashB. KavanaughLouisvilleKY
Sept 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashM. DaltonSouthfieldMI
Aug 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashA. BlairNashvilleTN
July 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashP. HillChicagoIL
June 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashG. AlcantaroPort St. LucieFL
May 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashR. RietzHelenaMT
Apr 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashA. RudolphWake ForestNC
Mar 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashS. TasselBelfastME
Feb 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashP. DickinsonGilbertAZ
Jan 2022Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashJ. NovakCarrolltonTX
Dec 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashC. GrahamColumbiaSC
Nov 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashR. UptonSpringfieldMO
Oct 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashT. FranksBaileyCO
Sept 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashJ. RichardsonPrimosPA
Aug 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashW. MelaasAlexandriaMN
July 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashR. JohnsonBlacksburgVA
June 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashB. BarnettChattanoogaTN
May 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashB. LawrenceLoganWV
Apr 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashM. BowmanColumbusOH
Mar 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashA. HoffmanLancasterCA
Jan 2021Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashS. WilsonBirminghamAL
Dec 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashP. ZellKenoshaWI
Oct 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashT. GerlackMilfordNH
Sept 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashB. McDanielSarasotaFL
Aug 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashV. AndrewKalamazooMI
July 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashE. CrowViolaKS
June 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashM. CresiskiBridgeportCT
May 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashT. TsangRandolphMA
Apr 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashN. CorvinoDeptfordNJ
Mar 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashK. DeanJonesvilleVA
Feb 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashL. PaskoffMidwest CityOK
Jan 2020Receipt SurveyGrand Prize $3000 CashH. CantorBrooklynNY
Walgreens Survey Winners

The final winner for a grand prize of 3000$ will be done through a random drawing among all the eligible entries received by the companies.  Once the winner is announced, they will be contacted after 14 days through a phone call to verify the mailing address.

And then, after the seven days of verification of the mailing address, the winner will be contacted to inform about the price notification.
If the winner does not accept the prize money after seven days, then the alternate winner will be announced again from the random selections.

Month wise winner list is also available on the official website of survey and can be downloaded in PDF format. This list contains the name, city, and state of the grand prize winner at month-wise categorization.

Winning the grand prize is a matter of luck, so if you think you are lucky enough, you should actively participate in the Walgreens survey. But, consider the eligibility criteria; otherwise, even your luck cannot do anything and will be of no use.

Walgreens listens Winner List

If you want to know the Walgreenslistens monthly sweepstakes winner list then you can find it below where you can check the  complete list of the previous $ 3000 winners .

Wallgreens Winner List – Click Here

Walgreens Sweepstakes Drawing Date

Company is announcing the grand prize winner on the basis of a lucky draw from all the eligible entries once in a month.Company will contact the winner within 14 days of the drawing date to verify the address and after confirmation of address they will by notified by email after  7 days.

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  1. If I win, you would have to contact my daughter. I lost the ability to speak due to throat cancer. Her name is Chrissie Lacey @ 602-319-2807. Thanks. Jeanne Bernardi. Or you can email me @ [email protected] or text @ 480-522-5750. Please make sure the people who call know my situation incase I am lucky enough to win. I hope I am. I could use $3000.

  2. When I enter the sweepstakes how do I know the drawing date and then I get so so many scam phone calls on my phone after answering the 10th one they start to look all alike and on my phone it says Scam on most how do I distinguish between the real call and the scams i enter a lot but I get so frustrated when I get those calls when I’m waiting on my lucky call from my pharmacy
    Susan Bingham Jeffersonville Indiana

  3. I forgot to leave my email when I entered the sweepstakes
    My name is Lisa Walther and my phone number is (509) 945-4587 andy email is [email protected] or
    [email protected]
    Thank you I really hope this goes to the person in charge of the sweepstakes monthly drawing.
    Thank you so much for your time and escalating this issue to the correct person and department.
    Sincerely, Lisa Walther

  4. I already emailed but didn’t put the proper website in and email orgot to for your sweepstakes drawing for Lisa w a l t h e r and have a great day please forward this to the appropriate person and thank you for your time

  5. The link doesn’t work. It only shows computer language, weird boxes and marks. Could you please email me a copy of the list or fix the link if it’s not my phone. 🙂
    Thank you!


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